Overhead Doors in Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, WI, & Surrounding Areas

Overhead garage doors offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for residential and commercial applications. Tri-County Overhead Door Service, Inc. provides overhead door installation in Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, WI, Oshkosh, WI, New London, WI, Waupaca. 

Here are four key benefits of overhead doors: Overhead Doors in Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, WI, & Surrounding Areas

  • Space-saving design: One of the primary advantages of overhead garage doors is their space-saving design. These doors are typically installed on tracks that allow them to be raised vertically and stored overhead, parallel to the ceiling. This design frees up valuable floor space both inside and outside the garage, allowing you to park vehicles or store items more efficiently. 
  • Enhanced security: Overhead garage doors are known for their robust construction, making them more secure compared to other types of garage doors. They are typically made from durable materials like steel, aluminum, or wood, which provide excellent resistance against forced entry and potential damage from harsh weather conditions. Additionally, overhead doors can be equipped with advanced locking mechanisms and security features to further enhance the protection of your garage and belongings. 
  • Improved insulation and energy efficiency: Overhead garage doors are available with various insulation options, including polystyrene or polyurethane foam insulation. Insulated overhead doors help regulate the temperature inside the garage, preventing heat loss during winter and minimizing heat gain during summer. This insulation can contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, especially if your garage is connected to your home. 
  • Ease of operation and convenience: Overhead garage doors are typically operated using an automated system that allows for effortless opening and closing. With the push of a button on a remote control or a wall-mounted switch, you can conveniently open or close the door without the need for manual effort. This feature is especially beneficial during inclement weather or when you are carrying heavy items, as it eliminates the hassle of manually operating the door. 

Overall, the space-saving design, enhanced security, insulation capabilities, and convenience of operation make overhead garage doors a practical and sought-after choice for both residential and commercial applications. Please call us today.