Garage Door Replacement in Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, New London, Oshkosh, and Waupaca

It always happens at the most inconvenient time. You are coming home, it’s raining heavily, and you’re thankful that you can park in your garage to stay dry. As you pull into the driveway, you press the button on your garage door opener. The door starts to pull up, but then something happens and the door stops about halfway up, but the bottom has an angle to it now. Things are twisted and it won’t work anymore. Your garage door needs to be replaced.

Doing a garage door replacement is not something that you have time for. That’s why you need to call Tri-County Overhead Door Service, Inc. to handle this project. They will make quick work of your project and get it done right.

Garage Door Replacement in Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, New London, Oshkosh, and WaupacaHandling the Dismantling

The first step is taking down your broken garage door. This isn’t always easy depending on what happened with the door. And everything will need to come down with the door because many parts can’t be reused for the new garage door. In fact, reusing parts of the old door would void the warranty of the new door, so it all needs to come out.

Then what do you do with all of the parts from your old, broken garage door? That’s something that you would prefer not to deal with. Fortunately, when Tri-County Overhead Door Service, Inc. does your garage door replacement, they will take away all of the old garage door parts so you aren’t left with a headache.

Putting Up the New Door

With the old garage door taken out, they can now get started on installing the new garage door. With an old garage door removed, the new garage door can be installed. With a team of installers, things go quickly. They have the right tools to make things go quickly, extra parts if needed, plus the knowledge of having done many of these before that they can draw on to make sure things go smoothly.

Safety First

Whether you are merely installing a new garage door or removing an old one first, safety needs to be paramount. Some of the springs on garage doors can be wound very tightly, and if care isn’t taken when installing or removing them, serious harm could be done to the structure and installer. Not only that, but some garage doors have heavy panels, and having that experienced team of installers make sure that you don’t injure yourself.