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5 signs you need garage door repair services immediately  

Garage doors are an essential part of your home’s security and functionality. When they start showing signs of wear or malfunction, it’s crucial to address the issues promptly. Tri-County Overhead Door Service, Inc. provides garage door repair services in Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, WI, Waupaca, Oshkosh, WI, New London, WI and surrounding regions.  

Here are five signs that indicate you need garage door repair services immediately: Garage Door Repair in Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, WI, Waupaca, Oshkosh, WI, New London, WI

  • Unusual Noises: If your garage door starts making unusual or loud noises during operation, such as grinding, squeaking, or banging, it’s a clear sign of a problem. These noises may indicate issues with the springs, rollers, or other components that require immediate attention. 
  • Slow or Inconsistent Movement: When your garage door opens or closes slower than usual or exhibits inconsistent movement, it could be a sign of problems with the motor, tracks, or other parts of the door mechanism. This can compromise the security of your garage. 
  • Visible Damage: If you notice visible damage to your garage door, such as dents, cracks, or warping, it’s essential to address it promptly. Damaged sections can weaken the door’s structural integrity and make it easier for intruders to gain access. 
  • Sagging or Imbalanced Door: A garage door that appears crooked or sags on one side is a significant safety concern. It can lead to further damage and might even pose a risk of falling. Sagging doors often indicate problems with the springs, cables, or tracks. 
  • Remote Control Issues: If your garage door doesn’t respond consistently to your remote control or keypad input, it may be a sign of electrical or sensor problems. This can compromise the security and convenience of your garage. 

It’s important not to ignore these signs as they can lead to more extensive and costly repairs if left unaddressed. Additionally, a malfunctioning garage door can pose safety risks to you and your family. When you notice any of these signs, it’s best to contact a professional garage door repair service to assess and fix the issue promptly. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. Please call us without hesitation.