Garage Door Installation in Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, New London, Oshkosh, and Waupaca

Wait, you’re going to install your own garage doors? Have you done that before? Do you realize what that involves? So many people would answer these questions with something like it’s a garage door, how hard could it be. But then think about trying to install one in the winter when it’s cold and snowy. Not so much fun then. And that’s why Tri-County Overhead Door Service, Inc. is your go-to garage door installation company. Rain or shine, they will be there to get your garage door installed and running smoothly, in no time at all.

Garage Door Installation in Appleton, Green Bay, Neenah, New London, Oshkosh, and WaupacaWhat Professionals Bring To The Table

So what does a professional garage door installer have that the regular Joe or Jane doesn’t have? Well, usually it’s not just one person, but a team of people doing the installation. Sure, you could get a few of your friends or neighbors to come and help you, but have they ever done a garage door installation? The team of professionals does this all day, every day, and they work together doing just garage door installations. They will have seen things that you haven’t, and already know a way to handle it. They will make it look practically effortless.

They also bring the right tools to the job. Because they have done these before, they already have the right tools with them for your garage door installation. They also have all the right parts with them, just in case something is missing. When you combine the teamwork, the experience, the right tools, and backup pieces, it makes installing a garage door a breeze.

Represent The Best Brands

Typically garage door installation companies also represent the best brands that you can find. These are not the same kinds that you can order from your local home improvement center or hardware store. Can you order them yourself and install them anyway? Sure, but you will end up without a warranty. That’s because those brands know that having professionals install the garage door means that it was installed correctly, per the manufacturer’s instructions. And they will then back the warranty when professionals install your garage door.

Safety First

Installing a garage door means doing it safely, and that means understanding what it takes to install the garage door. Some of the springs on garage doors can be wound very tightly, and if care isn’t taken when installing them, serious harm could be done to the structure and installer. Not only that, but some garage doors have heavy panels, and having that experienced team of installers make sure that you don’t injure yourself.